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I was born in Tunisia in 1956, I went to school in France, I live in Canada. I’m interested in philosophy, religion, science, business, technology and their intersections.

I am co-founder and CEO of INLEKT Metadata Inc. and inventor of IEML (Information Economy MetaLanguage). Our mission at INTLEKT is to solve the problem of Semantic Interoperability and to reconcile Artificial Intelligence with Collective Intelligence.

I’m also associate professor at the University of Montreal, fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and author of about 15 books translated in several languages, including (in english): Collective Intelligence (1994), Becoming Virtual (1995), Cyberculture (1997) and The Semantic Sphere (2011).

Please find here some of my stuff free online: articles, long forms, interviews, videos of conferences, (my own) pirated books, etc.

You can find here the Wikipedia entry about myself.


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