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I’ll be in Colorado College on Thursday September 18.

I will talk about my current research and my view on collective intelligence, 20 years after the original publication (1994) of my book “Collective Intelligence” in french.

What are the current research programs to augment collective intelligence through the use of the algorithmic medium? I will present the main technical and scientific enterprises related to this question, including knowledge management, the digital humanities, the semantic web and the singularity. I will also discuss my own research program, which aims to build a scientific mirror of human collective intelligence from collaborative data curation.

Here are the slides of my communication!

And there is a longer, more detailed version.


I will speak the 5th of September 2014 in Rio de Janeiro at the event Educaçao 360.

Here is my presentation: Algorithmic communication


Ma communication au symposium Imaginario em Rede de Porto Alegre du 5 / 7 novembre: Lien du colloque.
Lien du power-point: L’Intelligence-algorithmique

Ma communication au congrès Redes digitais e novas práticas de democracia, USP, Atopos du 6, 7, 8 nov. à Sao Paulo: Lien du colloque.  Lien du power-point: La Société-logicielle

You can find below my presentation for a symposium at UNIVATES (Brazil) see here:

Click here: 9 ideograms to get the pdf file (10 slides)

The image below is the first slide.

Collective Intel


Voici ma communication au colloque sur les innovations pédagogiques dans l’enseignement supérieur, à Sherbrooke, début juin 2013.

Je recommande chaudement une excellente prise de notes sur cette conférence par @celinevde

Cliquez ci-dessous pour obtenir le PDF.

Competences cognitives pour la société du savoir